Ashley Kidd


Name: Ashley Kidd
Nationality: United States
Profession: World Champion Wake Surfer
Favorite Blend: FITAID ZERO
Career Highlights: -


Most people think that I have been doing some sort of water sport all of my life, but the truth is I actually would not even go in the water for the longest time, I guess you coud say I had a fish phobia! It wasn't until I was around 11 that I finally overcame that and began to wake board. In 2009 my older brother came out on the boat and was wake surfing, I was amazed by all of the tricks that he was doing and thought it was the coolest thinge ever. That day he taught me how to wake surf and little did I know that it would change my life.  I began wake surfing all the time and jumped right into the competition scene in 2010 by attending my first contest "The World Wake Surfing Championship" in Minnesota where I placed 2nd in the Women's Amateur Division.  I was then recognized for my aggressive style and was offered various sponsorships.  After that I was definitely hooked and I have been competing ever since. I have made wake surfing my life and am always on the water. I love traveling around the world attending competitions along with teaching lessons. In my down time I also like to ocean surf as much as possible. This sport is my passion and has inspired me to seize opportunities as well as create my own.