SANTA CRUZ, Calif.— LIFEAID Beverage Co. introduces yet another innovation with the launch of FOCUSAID ZERO SUGAR—a naturally sugar-free version of one of the beverage brand’s most popular drinks, FOCUSAID. While FOCUSAID ZERO SUGAR contains the same proprietary blend of nootropics and 100mg of natural caffeine, it is sweetened with monk fruit (instead of the organic agave used in the original FOCUSAID) and only 5 refreshing calories (instead of 40) per can. The result: the same flavor and fizz you love from the original just without any added sugar to your daily diet.

Say hello to 100% focus and zero sugar! Keto-friendly FOCUSAID ZERO SUGAR offers the brain-boosting nootropics and clean energy of FOCUSAID (with 100mg of natural caffeine)—still without any artificial flavors or sweeteners—now just with absolutely no sugar. Get ready to crush your goals in 2020 with FOCUSAID ZERO SUGAR.

Both FOCUSAID and FOCUSAID ZERO SUGAR have a delicious melon-maté flavor and an effective blend of nootropics to help enhance cognitive function (alpha-GPC to help boost brain activity, GABA to aid mild stress relief, B-complex to create sustainable energy, and other key ingredients such as American ginseng, acetyl-L-carnitine, rhodiola rosea and vitamins C & D). Each can of ‘clean energy’ contains 100mg of natural caffeine from yerba maté and green tea. Like all LIFEAID products, FOCUSAID ZERO SUGAR has no artificial flavors or sweeteners. It is naturally sweetened with monk fruit and stevia. Bottom line: other than having zero sugar, FOCUSAID ZERO SUGAR is made with the same functional formula and great taste that fans love in FOCUSAID.

“We’re proud to offer consumers a clean, sugar-free energy blend that isn’t made with chemicals or artificial flavors, sweeteners, or stimulants,” says LIFEAID co-founder and president Aaron Hinde. “By using only better-for-you ingredients, we are happy to give consumers a healthy alternative that is just as effective as the overly caffeinated and chemically enhanced energy drinks that are currently on the market.”

Presently, FOCUSAID is one of the brand’s top-selling products—now amongst 12 other functional, low-cal and zero sugar beverage products made to fit the different needs of healthy lifestyles— sold in over 20,000 retailers and 10,000 gyms nationwide. The new keto-friendly version—FOCUSAID ZERO SUGAR—will be available to purchase online at (for $59.76 for a 24-can case) and at select retailers starting March 2020. The suggested retail price (SRP) is $2.99 per 12-fl. oz. can. To find a retailer near you, visit our Store Locator online at:

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