1. HindeSight #59: Leading with Conviction

        CrossFit Open Wrap Up with MisFit Athletics On this bonus episode of the MisFit Athletics podcast, the “Goon Squad” recaps the first phase of the CrossFit season, the CrossFit Open and look ahead to Quarterfinals which kick off this week. Listen now. There Are No Rules to Healthy Eating As CrossFit athletes, we learn that the foundation of...
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  2. Cockiness vs. Confidence

    Cockiness vs. Confidence
    By: Megan Schrader | We all have egos. What affects our ego, how our ego presents itself and when it rears its ugly head will, however, vary from person to person. In the gym, our egos can either result in displays of confidence or cockiness. What often differentiates the two is simply the outward reaction of a person either to their...
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