1. HindeSight #71: How Much Exercise Do We Need to Live Longer?

    Hardwire Your Brain for More Success Perhaps it’s not what we are thinking about, but the way we think about it. In this podcast with James Wedmore and Dr. Amen, learn the importance of our brain health (especially for entrepreneurs), and how we can optimize its performance. Listen Now...  How Much Exercise Do We Need to Live Longer? We’ve all...
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  2. HindeSight #64: Are You Making a Difference?

      Recapping the German Throwdown, Lowlands Throwdown and Brazil CrossFit Championship After two weeks of in-person competition the CrossFit Games semifinals go virtual.  Sean and Tommy recap the CrossFit German Throwdown, the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown and the Brazil CrossFit Championship.  Who impressed, who surprised and who emerged as potential podium contenders at the Games?  Plus, WIT signs a multi-year deal...
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  3. Three Ways to Include Your Family in Your Workout Routine

    Three Ways to Include Your Family in Your Workout Routine
    Exercise Together! Daily movement can be a vital part of our daily routine. For some, it’s about remaining grounded and focused through following a program and spending time with yourself. For others, it can be about reaching fitness goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being a mom can sometimes feel like you have to put your own desires on the...
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  4. HindeSight #55: Going From Good to Great

     How I Built This: Joel Clark of Kodiak Cakes When he was 8 years old, Joel Clark loaded bags of his mom's whole grain pancake mix into a red wagon to sell door-to-door. By the mid-90s, he and his older brother had upgraded to selling the mix out of a Mazda sedan and calling it Kodiak Cakes. As he tried...
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  5. HindeSight #53: Exactly Where You Need to Be

     Eric Roza on Make Pods Great Again CrossFit CEO joined Make Pods Great Again to discuss the current state of CrossFit. He talked about how his journey has been since taking over, obstacles and challenges he has faced in his personal life, and the new Open format and how he approaches the Open personally. He even gave listeners the scoop...
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  6. 5 Ways to Maximize Post-Workout Recovery

    5 Ways to Maximize Post-Workout Recovery
    You’re putting in the work at the gym, but aren’t seeing all of the results you hope for. What gives? Chances are, you’re neglecting one of the most important tenets of exercise: recovery. Not to be confused with apathy, there are very good reasons why rest days and recovery should not be overlooked. Here are five of them: To allow...
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  7. Into Golf? Here's How Cardio Helps You at Tee Time

    Into Golf? Here's How Cardio Helps You at Tee Time
    Cardio exercise is great for keeping yourself in shape and preparing your muscles for lengthy exercise and outdoor activities.  Golfers need cardio for several reasons, one it helps prepare your body for a long day on the golf course, keeps your heart rate down between shots, and can even help prevent injury.  Each of the three cardio benefits listed above is critical...
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  8. 8 Simple Ways to Jumpstart Your Self-Care Journey

    8 Simple Ways to Jumpstart Your Self-Care Journey
    Written by travel blogger Tiffany Ammerman  We’ve all seen the #SelfCareSunday hashtag on social media, but have you taken the time to do your own self-care Sunday? For the majority of us, it was difficult in the past to find the time to devote to taking care of our mind and body. Now that we’re spending a large portion of...
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  9. Why Rest is the Most Important Part of a Tough Workout

    Why Rest is the Most Important Part of a Tough Workout
    Original article on Wanderlust.com by Mari Krueger  |  Presented by LIFEAID Beverage Co. Our bodies need to recover between workouts in order to maximize the benefit. Loaded with nutrients, LIFEAID’s Recovery beverage hits the spot. We have workouts tailored to our goals. We have meals fine-tuned for maximum nutrition. We know how important sleep is (and sometimes we even log the...
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  10. HindeSight #5: The #1 Key to Getting Your Team Noticed

    . ENTREPRENEURSHIP: "It’s like a man riding a lion. People look at him and think: This person’s really got it together! This person’s brave. And the person riding the lion is thinking: How the hell did I get on a lion, and how do I keep from getting eaten?” —Toby Thomas, CEO of EnSite Solutions, The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship...
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