1. HindeSight #57: Keep Moving Forward

     Over the Wall with Rob LoCascio Ron Aniello joins Rob LoCascio on Over the Wall from the studio in New Jersey for an inspiring conversation about how to surround yourself with talented people who can boost your creative process and set you off towards success. There’s tons of helpful knowledge in this one for anyone experiencing creative frustration, self-doubt, or...
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  2. Three Ways to Include Your Family in Your Workout Routine

    Three Ways to Include Your Family in Your Workout Routine
    Exercise Together! Daily movement can be a vital part of our daily routine. For some, it’s about remaining grounded and focused through following a program and spending time with yourself. For others, it can be about reaching fitness goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being a mom can sometimes feel like you have to put your own desires on the...
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  3. 100 Marathons?!

    100 Marathons?!
    When not in the field building relationships with gym owners and retailers, Regional Sales Manager - Southwest Karly Wilson is putting in miles on the pavement for her marathon training. In fact, this year she surpassed a huge milestone of running her 100th marathon! Not sure about you, but when she revealed that during one of our team calls, we...
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  4. HindeSight #45: Want to Accomplish More in Less Time? + LIFEAID Reinstates CrossFit® Partnership

    9 Positive Podcasts That Will Put A Smile On Your Face Life gets a little heavy sometimes for us all, that's why it's vital to find the joy in your life daily — whether it's by using a gratitude journal, meditating, or listening to podcasts like these. Check out the podcast list here. 'I'm Not A Fire Victim, I'm A Fire Survivor...
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  5. HindeSight #43: Life Lessons From Will Smith + Win TWO FREE Assault AirBikes!

    Will Smith's Life Lessons As a successful actor, filmmaker, artist, family man, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Will Smith has been inspiring us all for decades with his life lessons. Here are some of his most powerful words—may they ignite a spark within you. Watch the video on Instagram here. Struggling to Stay Motivated to Work Out? Here are five ways...
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  6. The 15 Best Snacks for a Long Tattoo Session

    The 15 Best Snacks for a Long Tattoo Session
    Original Content from Online Review Published by Trailer Trash Tattoo Manya — July 30, 2020 | All Rights Reserved Often, creative expressions can take time and tattoos are no different. Therefore, while getting an exquisite tattoo, it is highly likely that you spend 3-8 hours under the needle. It can be a stressful and painful process. Even the best tattoo artists can fail in...
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  7. Struggling to Stay Motivated to Work Out?

    Struggling to Stay Motivated to Work Out?
    If you’re like most of us, it’s hard to stay motivated all the time. Life can easily get in the way, and energy shifts happen to us all. That’s why we’re sharing our TOP TIPS for WORKOUT MOTIVATION to help you get through any slump and crush your fitness goals! Whether it’s a quick 15 minutes or a full hour...
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  8. How Are Gym Owners Handling Life After COVID?

    How Are Gym Owners Handling Life After COVID?
    Cover photo By Matt Stone / MediaNews Group / Boston Herald LIFEAID randomly surveyed 135 gym owners in July of  2020, in order to find out how they are handling re-opening, keeping members safe, plans for reinvigorating memberships, stocking their fridges with FITAID, and more... HERE ARE THE RESULTS OF THAT SURVEY: Q: How long has your gym been in...
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  9. Into Golf? Here's How Cardio Helps You at Tee Time

    Into Golf? Here's How Cardio Helps You at Tee Time
    Cardio exercise is great for keeping yourself in shape and preparing your muscles for lengthy exercise and outdoor activities.  Golfers need cardio for several reasons, one it helps prepare your body for a long day on the golf course, keeps your heart rate down between shots, and can even help prevent injury.  Each of the three cardio benefits listed above is critical...
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  10. HindeSight #41: How Innovative Concepts Become Top Brands

    How Innovative Concepts Become Top Brands  Taste Radio: Episode 221 features highlights from recent interviews with six entrepreneurs who started small and have made it big, including the founders of Siete Family Foods, Bantam Bagels and Caulipower. You can listen to the full podcast episode here.   Top-50 Healthy Summer Recipes Whether you are trying to shed the 'Quarantine 15...
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