1. HindeSight #62: Should There Be a Sugar Tax?

      The SharkPreneur Podcast I had the opportunity to sit down with Seth Greene on the SharkPreneur podcast and we talked about the things that have helped Orion and I successfully build LIFEAID. Some things we discussed: how good positioning in your marketplace can lead to product distribution in conventional channels, why it’s important to hire people who are the...
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  2. HindeSight #61: Cultivating a Business Mindset

       3 Ways to Master the Art of Sales Gyms depend on their members to keep the lights on and the doors open. In order to build up memberships, owners, coaches, and staff have to be comfortable selling what the gym has to offer. On this episode of The Mind Your Business Podcast, host James Wedmore gives three tips on...
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  3. HindeSight #60: Quality is the Best Business Plan

     The Whoop Podcast: John John Florence On this episode of the Whoop podcast, world-champion surfer John John Florence (and brother to Team FITAID athlete Nathan Florence), shares how mindset prepares him for elite performance. Listen now. Our Australia/New Zealand Partners are Officially LIFEAID This week, we completed the acquisition of our Australia/New Zealand distributors, Fit Trendz, officially welcoming them into...
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  4. 9 Summertime Cocktail Recipes

    9 Summertime Cocktail Recipes
    9 SUMMERTIME COCKTAILS Boats, bikinis and ice cold beverages, its summertime baby! Our menu of functional blends serve many purposes. From workout recovery, to immunity support, to an afternoon brain boost, the functions are endless. But one of our favorite functions? They make excellent adult beverage mixers. Read on to see our top 9 favorite summer drink cocktails for you...
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  5. Creating Healthy Habits for Better Sleep

    Creating Healthy Habits for Better Sleep
      Photo courtesy of As a mama of twin one year olds, a business owner, and a fitness lover, adequate sleep is an absolute CRITICAL component in my routine. But easier said than done, right? With two teething kiddos, late nights getting caught up on work, and just trying to fit all my daily “to do’s” in before bed...
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  6. How to Get More Efficient Sleep with Dr. Allison Brager

    How to Get More Efficient Sleep with Dr. Allison Brager
    Sleep is on our minds and we wanted answers to all of our burning questions about getting a restful night’s sleep. We sat down with US Army Neuroscientist and US Army Warrior Fit athlete Dr. Allison Brager to learn more about sleep and how to get more efficient with our sleep game. Here’s what she had to say. What is...
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  7. There's No Cure for a Hangover! But These Three Things Might Help

    There's No Cure for a Hangover! But These Three Things Might Help
    We've all been there: capping off the weekend with friends and family or celebrating a win on Super Bowl Sunday, only to wake up with a terrible hangover to start a long work week. What you might not know is that alcohol consumption interferes with natural brain activity during sleep — to say nothing of those late-night emergency trips to...
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  8. Mom Life: Keeping Active (and Sane!) During a Pandemic

    Mom Life: Keeping Active (and Sane!) During a Pandemic
    Mom Life: Keeping Active (and Sane!) During a Pandemic 2020 and 2021 have been some of the most trying years for everyone, but I think most parents can especially relate to how life-rocking this last year has been. Whether you’ve navigated pregnancy/postpartum in a way you completely didn’t expect, had to add “teacher” to your resume as your children took...
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  9. HindeSight #59: Leading with Conviction

        CrossFit Open Wrap Up with MisFit Athletics On this bonus episode of the MisFit Athletics podcast, the “Goon Squad” recaps the first phase of the CrossFit season, the CrossFit Open and look ahead to Quarterfinals which kick off this week. Listen now. There Are No Rules to Healthy Eating As CrossFit athletes, we learn that the foundation of...
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  10. HindeSight #58: Lessons Learned from Industry Leaders

     Managing Time and Setting Expectations with Marcus Filly It may feel like a lot of things aren’t within our control right now, however, we absolutely have control over how we spend our time. Former competitive CrossFit Athlete turned functional bodybuilding coach, Marcus Filly talks about his strategies in time management and how to set expectations on this episode of the...
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