1. There's No Cure for a Hangover! But These Three Things Might Help

    There's No Cure for a Hangover! But These Three Things Might Help
    We've all been there: capping off the weekend with friends and family or celebrating a win on Super Bowl Sunday, only to wake up with a terrible hangover to start a long work week. What you might not know is that alcohol consumption interferes with natural brain activity during sleep — to say nothing of those late-night emergency trips to...
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  2. Mom Life: Keeping Active (and Sane!) During a Pandemic

    Mom Life: Keeping Active (and Sane!) During a Pandemic
    Mom Life: Keeping Active (and Sane!) During a Pandemic 2020 and 2021 have been some of the most trying years for everyone, but I think most parents can especially relate to how life-rocking this last year has been. Whether you’ve navigated pregnancy/postpartum in a way you completely didn’t expect, had to add “teacher” to your resume as your children took...
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  3. HindeSight #59: Leading with Conviction

        CrossFit Open Wrap Up with MisFit Athletics On this bonus episode of the MisFit Athletics podcast, the “Goon Squad” recaps the first phase of the CrossFit season, the CrossFit Open and look ahead to Quarterfinals which kick off this week. Listen now. There Are No Rules to Healthy Eating As CrossFit athletes, we learn that the foundation of...
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  4. HindeSight #58: Lessons Learned from Industry Leaders

     Managing Time and Setting Expectations with Marcus Filly It may feel like a lot of things aren’t within our control right now, however, we absolutely have control over how we spend our time. Former competitive CrossFit Athlete turned functional bodybuilding coach, Marcus Filly talks about his strategies in time management and how to set expectations on this episode of the...
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  5. HindeSight #57: Keep Moving Forward

     Over the Wall with Rob LoCascio Ron Aniello joins Rob LoCascio on Over the Wall from the studio in New Jersey for an inspiring conversation about how to surround yourself with talented people who can boost your creative process and set you off towards success. There’s tons of helpful knowledge in this one for anyone experiencing creative frustration, self-doubt, or...
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  6. Three Ways to Include Your Family in Your Workout Routine

    Three Ways to Include Your Family in Your Workout Routine
    Exercise Together! Daily movement can be a vital part of our daily routine. For some, it’s about remaining grounded and focused through following a program and spending time with yourself. For others, it can be about reaching fitness goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being a mom can sometimes feel like you have to put your own desires on the...
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  7. HindeSight #56: Pivots, Habits, and Flow State

     Mindful Productivity: The Power of the Pivot Feeling like you want to make a huge change in your life? Feel like something needs to change or that your energy levels are drastically different than they were a year ago? Maybe it's time for a pivot. Listen now. Don't Underestimate the Power of a Walk Technology is a great tool especially...
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  8. Three Genuine Self-Care Tips: Momma Edition

    Three Genuine Self-Care Tips: Momma Edition
    The winter holidays are over, daylight is in short supply and some of our littles are still doing virtual school and that combination, mommas, might find you flagging. This is the perfect time to begin looking inward and providing ourselves with the self-care we so desperately need during this time of year.   Self-care looks different for everyone. Some love...
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  9. HindeSight #55: Going From Good to Great

     How I Built This: Joel Clark of Kodiak Cakes When he was 8 years old, Joel Clark loaded bags of his mom's whole grain pancake mix into a red wagon to sell door-to-door. By the mid-90s, he and his older brother had upgraded to selling the mix out of a Mazda sedan and calling it Kodiak Cakes. As he tried...
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  10. HindeSight #54: Resiliency and Grit in Adverse Times

     Resiliency and Grit in Adverse Times I was joined by my friend and LIFEAID co-founder, Orion Melehan, on The Active Life podcast where we discussed what it takes to build a business through challenging times. Listen now. Defining Your Purpose There has been an overwhelming reckoning with questioning purpose over the last year. What may be a small piece of...
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