1. The Benefits of Sunshine

    The Benefits of Sunshine
    Original article by Santa Cruz CORE  |  April 3, 2019 Sunshine has a bigger impact on health than most would think. Simply going outside and getting some sunshine can boost your mood, energy levels, and immune function. This connection between sunlight and health sheds some light our synergistic relationship with nature. While there is concern over potential damage to the skin and the...
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  2. How Do Our Emotions Affect Our Immune Response?

    How Do Our Emotions Affect Our Immune Response?
    New research uncovers fresh evidence to suggest that frequent exposure to negative emotions may have an important impact on the functioning of the immune system. Do you often feel sad or angry? This could affect how your body reacts, researchers warn. Many studies have shown that chronic exposure to stress, anxiety, and negative moods generally can affect physical health to a large...
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