1. HindeSight #2: Mindset, Business Breakthroughs & Emotional Deposits
    “Mindset, Business Breakthroughs and Emotional Deposits with Aaron Hinde” In episode #84 of the Airborne Mind podcast with Misbah Haque, Hinde discusses the powerful impact of learning from the past and discovering your unique abilities, as well as his daily morning rituals and mindfulness practices which he feels have greatly influenced his trajectory in business and life. (69 minutes) Listen...
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  2. Elev8 Questions with Aaron Hinde, President of LIFEAID
    Elev8 Questions with Aaron Hinde, President of LIFEAID
      Interview by Tyler Johnson | Feb. 28, 2019 I heard LIFEAID president Aaron Hinde on Jon Gordon's Positive University podcast and was excited he was willing to be a part of elev8 questions. Find him on Twitter or Instagram.  Thanks for reading! 1) Were you an athlete growing up? What’s sports did you play?  I have always enjoyed sports and played basketball, baseball and...
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  3. HindeSight #1: Chris Hinshaw Discusses Future Landscape of CrossFit (and more)
    The FITAID Morning Show Ep. 87: Chris Hinshaw Chris Hinshaw—the man, the myth, the legend—shares his unique perspective on the future landscape of CrossFit, along with some of his top coaching tips and insights. Find out what it's like to coach Mat Fraser and Rich Froning. Plus, Hinshaw reveals his preferred weapon of choice during a Zombie apocalypse & more...
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