1. HindeSight #66: Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

    Taking on the Giants in the Beverage Industry Last week, I sat down with the team at Virtual Mgr on the “How Did We Get Here?” podcast.  During the episode, we talk about how Orion and I started and scaled LIFEAID from an RV to global domination, taking on the giants of the industry and winning! There are many similarities...
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  2. The 15 Best Snacks for a Long Tattoo Session

    The 15 Best Snacks for a Long Tattoo Session
    Original Content from Online Review Published by Trailer Trash Tattoo Manya — July 30, 2020 | All Rights Reserved Often, creative expressions can take time and tattoos are no different. Therefore, while getting an exquisite tattoo, it is highly likely that you spend 3-8 hours under the needle. It can be a stressful and painful process. Even the best tattoo artists can fail in...
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  3. How FITAID Athletes Are Handling Quarantine

    How FITAID Athletes Are Handling Quarantine
      Written by travel blogger Tiffany Ammerman  Athletes around the world have become all-too familiar with the struggles of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen while gyms have been temporarily closed worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sharing our quarantine experiences and struggles with our fitness friends has become a major way for us to connect and stay...
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  4. What's in your (LIFEAID) can and why?

    What's in your (LIFEAID) can and why?
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  5. Why Is Vitamin C in Every LIFEAID Blend?*

    Why Is Vitamin C in Every LIFEAID Blend?*
    THE IMPORTANCE OF VITAMIN C Long gone may be the days when our biggest concern was getting scurvy from severe lack of vitamin C; However, our immunity health and wellness in general is more important now than ever. Did you know? Vitamin C is a water-soluable vitamin that must be obtained from your diet or supplements. It can be found...
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  6. HindeSight #34: LIFEAID LIFT Officially Launches, Giving Cash Back to Community During Gym & Business Closures

    The LIFEAID LIFT program is now live at! LIFEAID is giving $15 cash, from every 24-can purchase made by consumers at, directly to their designated local gym or business. BONUS: Members will save $5 OFF/case! Simply visit for more details.   SHARE the link with others to help give back to the local gyms & businesses we call...
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  7. Top 5 Tips for Escaping Stress & Finding Zen Moments at Home

    Top 5 Tips for Escaping Stress & Finding Zen Moments at Home
    Now more than ever, we all need simple ways to unplug and escape the stress of daily life. Here are our top tips for creating more zen moments while at home: ♦ JOURNAL: The act of writing your thoughts down on paper can be very therapeutic, freeing your mind from carrying all those things around. Challenge yourself to also write...
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  8. What Are the Best Foods for Immune Support?

    What Are the Best Foods for Immune Support?
    Original post by Santa Cruz Core on March 26, 2020 ⋅ Written by Jaimi Jansen What we feed our bodies affects its ability to resist and fight-off disease. Inadequate nutrition can compromise our body’s defense and its response to foreign invaders, while conscious dieting can optimize its ability to resist disease. It’s therefore important we be mindful of our diet to ensure...
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  9. HindeSight #33: How to Thrive During Uncertain Times + LIFEAID LIFT Program (coming soon)!

    Later this week, LIFEAID will be launching its LIFEAID LIFT program. Watch your inbox for additional details! “Our gyms have been so supportive of our brand, making FITAID the #1 Workout Recovery Drink in America. Now we want to give back and provide monetary assistance to them during this time of turbulence and financial uncertainty. We’re all in this together.”...
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  10. HindeSight #32: Q&A with 'The Fittest Doc'—Are You at Risk for Coronavirus? (Plus 29 Immunity Boosting Recipes!)

    . 29 Healthy Recipes to Boost Your Immunity Eating Well shares some delicious & healthy recipes—that are also quick and easy—to help keep your immune system firing on all cylinders right now. Read the full article now. . 'Fittest Doc' Answers the Question: Are You at Risk for Coronavirus? Special guest Dr. Nick, MD—the "Fittest Doc"—sits down with Aaron Hinde...
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