1. BevNet Announces IMMUNITYAID Launch at NACS
    BevNet Announces IMMUNITYAID Launch at NACS
    By: BevNet | Dec. 20, 2018 ImmunityAid Support Blend making some buzz on BevNet! On Instagram this Thursday, BevNet posted the above image with the following caption: "@immunityaid is the latest product from @lifeaidbevco, a brand of functional beverages that serve specific consumer need states. The new orange-flavored SKU launched at NACS in Vegas this October and is now available in retailers such as Whole...
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  2. REVIEW: GolferAid Performance Drink
    REVIEW: GolferAid Performance Drink
    Hydration and Performance in a Tasty Blend During a round of golf in AZ, it is almost impossible to drink too much water. While it might not feel like you are sweating a lot because it evaporates so quickly, you need a significant amount of hydration while playing in the desert. While water is most useful, sometimes something a little...
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  3. LIFEAID Launches Immunity Line
    LIFEAID Launches Immunity Line
    By: Brad Avery | Oct. 8, 2018 When you need a post-workout recovery drink, there’s FitAid. When you need to pull a late night studying, there’s FocusAid. When your looking to stay up all night for a wild time, there’s PartyAid. And when all that activity finally catches up to you, now there’s ImmunityAid. ImmunityAid is the latest product from...
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