1. What Stresses Out Americans the Most?

    What Stresses Out Americans the Most?
    How Much Money We Spend Each Year on Trying to Feel Less Stressed By SWNS | December 10, 2019 - featured by New York Post Eight in 10 Americans say politics are currently the biggest stressor in their life, according to a new report. A recent poll of 2,000 Americans revealed that 78 percent of respondents say politics is currently stressing them...
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  2. HindeSight #11: The Dreaded 'Workout Hangover' + Rogue Invitational Attendees Rave About Macro-Friendly ZERO!

    More Than Half of Americans Have Suffered a Workout Hangover An article published in the New York Post shares new findings and statistics from a recent survey surrounding the negative effects of the dreaded "workout hangover." Read the full article here. . Mindset Reset: Day 1 Join motivational speaker & author Mel Robbins on this 35-day journey as she shares daily...
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