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FITAID for a year


The #1 Workout Recovery Drink in America, FITAID is made with only the good stuff—clean ingredients, vitamins and nutrients—to help your body recover, with BCAAs, Glucosamine, B-Complex, Omega-3s, turmeric, CoQ10, green tea & electrolytes. Each can is naturally sweetened with raw organic agave, has only 40 Paleo-friendly calories, plus a refreshing citrus taste you’ll crave after your next workout! From elite athletes to those with active lifestyles, FITAID is the natural choice to help you crush your fitness goals and recover as hard as you train.

Nothing tastes as good as a refreshing ice-cold FITAID after any hard workout or training session. Snag your two cans today for less than a buck (free shipping included), and start enjoying the taste of “vitamins you’ll enjoy drinking” to help you recover strong so you can play hard.

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