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Even before you step up to the tee, there are a lot of thoughts that run through your mind. You might be thinking about which club you want to use, or you might be worried about hitting the group over on the opposite fairway. Whether you’re just out for a round of golf with your work buddies or competing in an amateur tournament, you probably aren’t putting a lot of thought into one thing—golf drinks.

Let’s face it: a round of golf isn’t quite as strenuous as an endurance run or a heavy weight-lifting session. Since it isn’t a sport that causes people to overexert themselves, golfers often aren’t as concerned with hydration and recovery. Instead, they might be more worried about when the cart girl will be coming around with more beer.

This isn’t the best approach, however. Golfers who want to improve their performance should put as much thought into their drink of choice as they do their golf clubs. This is true whether you are looking to win a tournament or just play 18 holes on a hot summer day.

So, what should you be drinking?

It’s important to find a sports performance drink that can meet the unique nutritional needs of golfers and their lifestyles. Below, we’ll discuss more of the drink options for golfers and the specific ingredients you should be looking out for. We’ll also discuss the benefits of choosing the right beverage for your next trip to the links. Finally, we’ll give you our recommendation for the best golf drinks you should try!

If you asked every golfer what they drink during a round, you would probably get a wide variety of answers. While some might sip on a coffee, others might prefer tea. We’re sure that you might find at least a few people who still drink Arnold Palmers, which is a mix of tea and lemonade. The beverage was aptly named for the American professional golfer who famously requested the combo after a day of golfing in Palm Springs.

Still, many people think that a whiskey-based golf cocktail pairs perfectly with 18 holes. Just look at world-famous golfer John Daly. He’s known for his drinking stories almost as much as he is known for his golf game. Alcohol and golf have gone hand in hand for years, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best thing you should be drinking if you want to improve your performance.

Many golfers stick with some healthier options. Water and sports recovery drinks can be great options if you’re going to be spending all day out in the sun golfing. While warm-weather golf locations are beautiful, they can be incredibly dehydrating, even if you are riding from one hole to another in a golf cart.

Now that you know more about some of the popular drinks for golfers, you’re probably wondering which option is truly the best. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with drinking alcohol while you socialize with your friends, it isn’t the best option either.

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it causes your body to lose water through urine. Not only is this a pain to deal with while you are out on the course, but it can also dehydrate you much faster, especially if you’re playing on a hot summer day.

The best drink that goes with golf is a sports performance drink. It should focus on providing your body with quick and functional hydration. Certainly, water can do that too, but plain water often lacks the nutritional benefits that sports performance drinks offer to golfers.

Clean sports drinks are especially ideal for golfers looking to improve their performance because they don’t contain any junk that would inhibit it.

Sure, cracking open a cold one on the back nine is fun, but what about all of the benefits you could get if you choose the best drinks for golf? When you take the time to choose a sports performance that is specially formulated to provide golfers with nutrition and hydration, you can expect several benefits. Keep reading to learn more about why people are starting to switch from alcohol to golf drinks.

Improved Hydration

You lose most of your body’s water through sweat, so you could quickly become dehydrated on a Florida golf course in July. Therefore, it’s important to consume a beverage that prioritizes hydration.

The best golf drinks will not only provide you with fluids, but they will also include electrolytes that can speed up the hydration process. Caffeine-free golf drinks can even be consumed between alcoholic beverages to reduce the effects of dehydration.

Joint Health Support

The repetition of swinging a club can be hard on your joints over time. This is especially true if you golf regularly or already suffer from arthritis. Fortunately, many golf drinks contain nutrients for joint health. Not only can these products support your joints to prevent future injury, but they can also offer other benefits to combat any soreness that may occur after playing a round.

Increased Energy

Do you often feel drained after spending the day out on the course? Golf is still a sport that requires a significant amount of energy, especially since an 18-hole game can last for several hours. If you choose to walk from hole to hole, you’ll burn even more energy.

Fortunately, sports performance drinks can provide you with carbohydrates to restore the glycogen in your muscles. These glycogen stores are crucial for providing energy to your muscles, so replenishing them with a golf drink means you’ll feel more energized throughout the game and after you finish.

Muscle Recovery

Just because you aren’t pumping the right kind of iron doesn’t mean that your muscles aren’t getting a workout. How many times have you spent the next day just a little sore from swinging clubs? When you consume the best drinks for golfers , you can get nutrients that combat mild muscle soreness and help your body recover from exercise faster.

The ingredients in a drink can make a huge difference in the overall benefits. For that reason, we recommend that you start learning how to read nutrition and ingredient labels. Specifically, we recommend that you look for the following ingredients:


It’s important to rehydrate after a long day of golf. If there’s no water in the drink or it’s low on the ingredient list, you might want to look for another option. The best drinks should have plenty of water. It could be carbonated, filtered, or still. It’s all up to your preference as long as it’s not sweetened!


In most cases, you don’t need a ton of caffeine after you finish up on the back nine, but it can be beneficial. You might be feeling tired and need a small boost, so you might want to find a drink that offers under 100 mg of caffeine. Specifically, you should look for clean caffeine sources, as synthetic caffeine is known to cause a rush of energy followed by a drastic crash.


To aid in hydration and get the most out of the water content, you should be drinking a golfer drink that contains electrolytes. These can include minerals like calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. Many popular electrolyte drinks use salt to provide sodium and chloride. However, this isn’t always the best option because most people get enough salt in their daily diet.


Another great ingredient that offers a lot of benefits to golfers is glucosamine. This is an amino sugar that has been found to support joint health, but that’s not all. It may also be the key to helping reduce that soreness you feel after swinging a club all day. It’s also thought to be beneficial for alleviating mild inflammation.

If beer and whiskey aren’t the best drinks to have during golf, what should you be consuming? There are not many options that are specifically formulated for golfers, so at LIFEAID, we sought to change that. Along with our separate sports recovery drinks, we also offer sports performance drinks for golfers. GOLFERAID has the perfect combination of nutrients, herbs, and vitamins to support your golf game.

This performance drink is packed with glucosamine, electrolytes, and water for ultimate hydration on the course. GOLFERAID goes beyond that, though. It even has several other beneficial ingredients, including:


We include 40 mg of magnesium not just because the electrolyte helps with hydration. It may also be beneficial to those who are looking for cardiovascular health support.


Turmeric can help lube your swing.


Golf is a form of physical exertion, so we include CoQ10 to support energy production afterward. It may also help with metabolism and endurance.


Our GOLFERAID also contains methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which is a chemical precursor that occurs naturally in your body. This supplement can send messages to your brain to produce serotonin and melatonin.

American Ginseng

This herb has been used in medicine for more than 2,000 years. We include it because of its protection for the liver against toxins in your favorite alcoholic beverage.

We know it might be hard to convince you to give up your favorite beer while you’re golfing with your buddies, but we encourage you to try GOLFERAID anyways. Whether you’re a bachelor on vacation with your friends or a top-ranking golfer in the LPGA, this beverage is for everyone.

How can you buy these drinks for golfers?

At LIFEAID, we make it easy to shop for all of our products because you can buy them directly from us or through your preferred retailer. Our website offers all our in-stock products, and you can have them shipped right to your door. You can even sign up for our subscription so that you never have to worry about running out of your new favorite golf drink. The monthly order can be modified or canceled at any time.

Where can you find our golf drinks in store?

Our products are in retail locations all across the country, so we are confident that you won’t have to look too far to find them at a grocery or convenience store near you. However, you can use our convenient store locator to see exactly where the golf drinks are in stock.

With so many easy ways to shop for our sports performance drinks, what’s stopping you from trying them out for your next round of golf? Contact Us today to learn more about how our golf drinks can help you on the course!