FITAID was founded in a gym in Santa Cruz by friends and co-founders, Orion Melehan and Aaron Hinde in 2009. Recognizing that traditional sports and energy drinks are high-sugar or artificially sweetened, filled with junk and empty promises, they believed in a better way to drink. Through their combined passion for products that better aligned with their lifestyles, they created the world's cleanest fitness drinks. By sourcing premium vitamin blends, working with beverage scientists, trainers and athletes; they pioneered a line of clean functional products, disrupting the traditional beverage landscape.

The FITAID team is made of passionate people who are uncompromising in their approach to create and share the power of clean performance drinks. FITAID will NEVER use any artficial sweeteners or chemically derived caffeine sources. Over a decade later, FITAID and its parent company LIFEAID now make over 20 specially-formulated blends in both ready-to-drink and powder forms. The company's products can be found online, in thousands of gyms globally, and in fine retailers nationwide such as, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Publix, Kroger, Walmart and Vitamin Shoppe.

FITAID proudly remains an independent brand run by its founders. That spirit of independence is reflected in the company culture, the products they offer and the communities they serve. Whether you are looking for recovery, performance, or sports energy, there is a FITAID expertly designed to help you reach your fitness goals and Supplement Your Lifestyle.