Weekend Recovery
5HTP + Milk Thistle + Electrolytes
Berry Bliss

Naturally sweetened + no sucralose + no aspartame Naturally sweetened + no sucralose + no aspartame
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The PARTYAID Recovery Blend replenishes essential nutrients your body and mind need after a long day or night of fun to help you revive.

All the good stuff
none of the junk
  • Natural herbs, vitamins, and nutrients to support & boost health & fitness.
  • Clean, quality ingredients that enhance your lifestyle.
  • Quick, functional hydration & vitamins that supplement your current lifestyle or diet.
  • Added sugar
  • Sucralose
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • Plastic or glass bottles
  • Synthetic packaging
  • Chemicals
Can's Back

Key precursor to neurotransmitters, beneficial to brain function during conditions of fatigue or sleep deprivation.*


Regulate nerve and muscle function, hydration, and help rebuild damaged tissue.*


Our morning recovery drink supports energy production, metabolism, and endurance during recovery from physical exertion.*

Milk Thistle:

Used for over 2,000 years, this herb naturally helps protect the liver from toxins.*


Naturally occurring chemical precursor to the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin.*

Eleuthero Root:

A natural adaptogen used to promote vitality and help regulate the body's response to mild stress in everyday life.*

Naturally Sweetened
Alani Nu
Artificially Sweetened
Artificially Sweetened
Artificially Sweetened
Artificially Sweetened
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No Caffeine
Alani Nu
Synthetic caffeine
Synthetic caffeine
Synthetic caffeine
Synthetic caffeine
February 20
Great drink
Dan Wiley
February 15
Great flavor
Anslem Husedd
November 27
Well formulated. Works well to clear brain fog via B vitamins along with other mineral content.
juan carlos cotua alvarez
October 20
Fantastic product one of a kind
Kevin Klimczak
October 18
This is my favorite in terms of flavor. The B vitamins give you and intial perk and then you feel sleepy later. It definitely has a blend that would be good for a post-party.
Joy Lynn
October 18
Love the benefits from this drink. Definitely helps when I have had too much fun the night before!
August 28
Get recovery after a party drink.
Karen Hagan
May 18
It works great
Sebastian Willmarth
April 18
I really enjoy the flavor. My only problem is trying not to drink them too quickly.
Margaret F.
April 11
The perfect beverage after a late night of working or partying. My pick me up go to when I over indulged in life.
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