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Brand ambassador in the car wearing a black hat, holding a FITAID can, with text that reads across the top of the image saying, "NO MATTER WHEN I NEED IT. FITAID'S ENERGY DRINKS GIVE ME THE BOOST I NEED WITHOUT CRAZY CRAP!"
Brand ambassador wearing yellow and white lacrosse gear and an army green FITAID shirt with black text
Brand ambassador wearing a black tank top, black shorts, and white cardigan, with red text across the top of the image reading "FITAID ENERGY DRINK REVIEW"
Brand ambassador in the background, hitting a golf ball, with a can of FITAID closer and focused to the camera
Brand ambassador wearing a black shirt, holding a can of FITAID, with white text across the image reading "@fitaid with the new Energy drinks"
Brand ambassador in the gym, wearing a navy blue sports bra and shorts, drinking a can of FITAID
Brand ambassador in blue sweatshirt, sitting in car, holding a black FITAID box, read text across the top of the image reading "FITAID ENERGY"
Brand ambassador on a football field, tossing a football, wearing a black FITAID shirt and black shorts
Brand ambassador in a black shirt and black hat with four FITAID Energy drinks in front.
Brand ambassador on a workout bike, wearing a black sports bra and black shorts

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