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Sour Grape

Naturally sweetened + no sucralose + no aspartame + lightly carbonated + Naturally sweetened + no sucralose + no aspartame + lightly carbonated +
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Sour Grape
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The FITAID RX Recovery Blend provides the same post-workout recovery as FITAID, with 1,000mg of added Creatine.

All the good stuff
none of the junk
  • Natural herbs, vitamins, and nutrients to support & boost health & fitness.
  • Clean, quality ingredients that enhance your lifestyle.
  • Quick, functional hydration & vitamins that supplement your current lifestyle or diet.
  • No Sucralose
  • No Aspartame
  • No Ace-k
  • No Taurine
Can's Back
Green Tea Extract:
Omega-3s & CoQ10:
Glucosamine & Quercetin:
BCAAs, Glutamine:

Naturally Sweetened
Alani Nu
Artificially Sweetened
Artificially Sweetened
Artificially Sweetened
Artificially Sweetened
Caffeine icon
Caffeine from green tea
Alani Nu
Unknown Source
Unknown Source
Unknown Source
Unknown Source
Benjamin Cook
August 15
After a day of physical effort, this drink cleanses the senses and makes the breath come easily. Worth getting once in awhile for the additional drink option. Goes well with salty and sweet food varieties but, it is a bit tart (yet not unwelcomingly so).
Erick Jimenez
August 4
Good flavors number one
Patty Tegeler
August 3
I drink it every day. I love it.
Randall Grimmer
July 29
Absolutely love the flavor
Scott Longley
June 28
Taste is amazing
Tim Talbot
June 26
Tastes great, works great, and is a good value.
June 23
Love this for a post workout beverage
Anthony Fusetti
June 21
You will be hard pressed to find a better drink for its taste and benefits!
Patrick Cahill
June 20
Refreshing.rewarding thirst quenching drink after a long distance outrigger races . Go Team Tahoewaterman
Halaina Bruckman
May 13
Great for post workouts and great flavor
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