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Naturally sweetened + no sucralose + no aspartame Naturally sweetened + no sucralose + no aspartame
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Naturally sweetened, each 20-calorie packet of FITAID GO provides clean on-the-go hydration + nourishment to help your body recover and rehydrate after your next workout or physical activity. If you're looking for a keto drink, try FITAID GO.

All the good stuff
none of the junk
  • Natural herbs, vitamins, and nutrients to support & boost health & fitness.
  • Clean, quality ingredients that enhance your lifestyle.
  • Quick, functional hydration & vitamins that supplement your current lifestyle or diet.
  • No Sucralose
  • No Aspartame
  • No Ace-k
  • No Taurine
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Glucosamine & Quercetin:
BCAAs, Glutamine:
Green Tea Extract:
Omega-3s & CoQ10:

Naturally Sweetened
Alani Nu
Artificially Sweetened
Artificially Sweetened
Artificially Sweetened
Artificially Sweetened
Caffeine from green tea
Alani Nu
Synthetic caffeine
Synthetic caffeine
Synthetic caffeine
Synthetic caffeine
Michelle Beaulieu
May 10
Love Fitaid and this product. Just add to water and it breaks down so nicely.
Lara N
May 8
The only reason I’m giving this 4 starts because I thought the powder would be more convenient (it is) but the drinks taste a bit better and seem a bit more effective. So I’m going back to the cans after this. Still a great product though compared to any other brands I’ve tried. Majorly helps me with workout recovery and has no bad ingredients.
Emily Bear
April 5
We love it.
Valerie Wallace
March 30
Best for traveling with!
February 27
Convenient way to take LifeAid on the road
Jon Wendenhof
December 8
While I prefer the cans this is an awesome product to keep in your gym bag in a pinch.
Jeff Betz
November 11
Tastes great and easy to take on the go!
September 25
FITAID enables me to push a lot harder in each workout and really maximize the time I spend in the gym because I am almost always fully recovered from the previous days work. This stuff works!
Paul Mize
September 7
Melanie loved it
John Slater
August 20
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