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Rated // out of 5 stars
3 days ago
I've been enjoying LifeAid beverages…
I've been enjoying LifeAid beverages for a while now, and I've got to say, they've really impressed me. What stands out the most is how clean their drinks are. It's clear they put a lot of thought into their ingredients, and it shows in the quality. Each sip feels refreshing and, honestly, it's a relief to find a drink that's both good for you and tastes great. Their flavors are spot on – not too overpowering, but just enough to make each drink enjoyable. It's the kind of beverage that fits perfectly whether I'm looking for a quick pick-me-up or just something to enjoy on a relaxed afternoon. In a world full of energy drinks and sodas packed with who-knows-what, LifeAid is a breath of fresh air. It's nice to have a go-to drink that I can trust to be both healthy and delicious. Definitely a must-try for anyone who values both taste and wellness.
Rated // out of 5 stars
Joshua De vera
4 days ago
Great product wish they’re were more perks
First and foremost I loveeeee fit aid! My issue is that I am a monthly subscriber and I feel it’s not worth it to be one. My gripe is with the loyalty they have for us monthly subscribers. Often times they are running a promotion better than the 10% off they give for monthly members and even though it may be running while my shipment is due to be shipped I do not get the promo. I have to cancel or skip my delivery repurchase and repurchase the product. My feeling is that, at the least I should qualify for the promo to be automatically applied. I’m obviously not a one time buyer and have proven to be someone who purchases fit aid often enough.
Rated // out of 5 stars
Konnor Moden
4 days ago
The website is user friendly
The website is user friendly
Rated // out of 5 stars
Jonah C.
5 days ago
Fast Delivery and Great Products!
They deliver my products fast and free, and delivered them with care. I love all of the products that I have tried, but I really love the Fitaid RX Zero Sugar Sour Grape Flavor, it’s a great beverage pre or post workout, or even with a meal.
Rated // out of 5 stars
Douglas Fain
5 days ago
Fresh and flavorful energizing drinks…
Fresh and flavorful energizing drinks great for golf during and recovery
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Guilherme Malheiros
Elite CrossFit Athlete
Simply delicious. Hands down my favorite drink.
Kevon Looney
Pro-Basketball Player
The hype is real. FITAID Energy is a game changer.
Kelsey Kiel
Elite CrossFit Athlete
Best tasting energy drink I've ever tried!
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