The Open 2023 is approaching and it's time for athletes to get ready for the big event!

In this post, top Team FITAID Athletes share their tips for success in the Open.

Athletes such as Kelsey Kiel, Nienke van Overveld, Lazar Djukic, Linda Keesman, Emma Lawson, and Sydney Wells all share their advice on how to prepare and perform your best. Some of the tips include:
  • Running your own race and focusing on your strengths as an athlete
  • Having the right person judge you and choosing a time that suits you best
  • Warm up properly and make a strategy for the workout
  • Recovering well after the workout to be ready for the next one
  • Eating a good meal before the workout and getting a good warm-up in
  • Focusing on your own performance and not getting caught up in the leaderboard.
  • Ice-cold FITAID!

Read on to see tips for each of the athletes on #TeamFITAID

Athlete Tips for the Open 2023

Athlete: Kelsey Kiel
  • Run your own race - don’t try to keep up with your neighbor. You know your strengths as an athlete. Don’t get caught up in how the person next to you is doing. Have your plan, stick to it, and try not to get caught up in what others are doing!! 
  • Give it your all! Don’t go in thinking you’ll repeat it. Just give it your best go and leave it all out there. 
  • I recommend active recovery the day before - don’t fully rest - move a bit and get your body primed for the next day. I tend to not feel AS good coming right off a total rest day! 
  • Have your equipment ready to go. Check your jump rope. Check all the little things - chalk, grips, have your stuff nearby where you’re doing it. 
  • Have the right person judging you!! If you need a cheerleader judge or a judge who is loudly counting reps - make sure you have that ;) 
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - Have fun! - celebration of where you are on your fitness journey!!!!
  3x CrossFit Games Team Athlete: Nienke van Overveld
  • Don't compare yourself to others, but make a plan based on what YOU can do. You know the best on what your body is capable of. 
  • Perform the CF Open at a time that suits you best and with people that support you. 
  • Don't stress! You have done many workouts in the past years, these three workouts don't define you as a person. Be proud of signing up. 
  • Enjoy the CF Open atmosphere. It's only once a year you get to enjoy doing a workout together with the community around the world. Embrace the nerves and celebrate being together. 
  • Give all you have for these 3 weeks, and whatever outcome that is, you should be proud of your effort regardless of a ranking on the leaderboard.
  2x top 10 finisher at The CrossFit Games: Lazar Djukic  
  • Make Sure to warm up properly! Good warm up is the predisposition for a good workout! Start by sweating a little, then go for a specific mobility routine and finish with a specific workout warm up and practicing the movements and transitions if needed.
  • Make a strategy. Before the workout starts, think about a realistic goal and plan your workout accordingly. For example if the workout is an AMRAP, think about how long one round would take and try to finish every round in that time.
  • Do it early and go for it in the first attempt! We have 4 days to complete the Open workout, I like to complete it Friday morning and not think about it until the next workout. Usually I am tempted to repeat it since you can always do better if you know your score haha, but that’s why I make sure to give my best in the attempt number one, not think about it anymore and get ready to crush the next one! 
  • Compete only with yourself and do not think about the leaderboard! Think this one is pretty clear! We can get sucked in comparing ourselves with others, but the main point of the Open is to see how much you improved from your past performance! 
  • Drink some FITAID and have fun! 
  CrossFit Athlete: Linda Keesman
  • I would suggest taking it easy on the day(s) before the Open workout. You wanna be fresh for the workout and make sure you have enough energy to smash it. You’re not getting fitter in the last days, now is the time to prioritize recovery. 
  • Triple check your equipment a few days before doing the workout; grips, chalk, tape, jumping rope, etc. If you’re a control freak like me, ask a friend if you can have his/her equipment nearby as a plan B. 
  • Watch the Open announcement for specific tips and tricks and maybe check out some YouTube videos, and then discuss your own strategy with the help of a friend or a coach. 
  • Give all you got! Don’t think about redoing it. Don’t hold yourself back, you might surprise yourself. 
  • It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself with others and refresh the leaderboard all weekend long. Remember that you’re doing it for yourself. No matter if you improve your ranking from last year or achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself; you should be proud of yourself for showing up and committing to giving your all three weeks in a row. 
  2022 Rookie of the Year: Emma Lawson
  • Eat a good meal about an hour before you go to the gym (high carbs and some protein) so you can feel ready to attack the workout with enough energy.
  • Get a good warmup in!  Get the heart rate up prior to the workout, good mobility, and other workout specific warm ups.
  • Find a strategy and stick to it!  Don’t go out too hot….you might regret it early on!!
  • Recover!  After the workout spend time mobilizing and foam rolling so you are ready to go for the next week!  
  Sydney Wells: 
  • Don’t get too caught up in the leaderboard 
  • Focus on your own performance and compete against yourself -> make sure you’re getting better and better each year! 
  • Take advantage of this time to test yourself, it only comes around once year! 
  • Push yourself!
  And certainly - pack your gym bag or pick up a FITAID at your gym! FITAID drinks are a great choice for active recovery days and post-workout routines. They contain no artificial sweeteners, with no sucralose or aspartame or Ace-K, and have clean caffeine from green tea extract.

Overall, the message is clear - give it your all, have fun, and be proud of your effort regardless of the outcome.

With these tips from experienced athletes, you'll be well on your way to success in the Open 2023.