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  1. Why Do We "Crash" From High Sugar Energy Drinks?

    Why Do We "Crash" From High Sugar Energy Drinks?
    Do you crash after the effects of your energy drink wears off? It is quite a common problem that many people face with their energy drink consumption. And while energy drinks should add to your lifestyle and give you, well, energy, the aftereffects can cause further troubles sometimes. For the most part, energy crashes are a result of the effect...
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  2. The Benefits of Vitamins B, C, D3, and E

    The Benefits of Vitamins B, C, D3, and E
    The human body produces muscles, bone, and skin on a daily basis. It also carries oxygen and nutrients to all organs and sends nerve signals along with brain and body pathways. That is not all; your body is also responsible for formulating chemical messengers that issue instructions for sustaining your life. While it performs all these amazing functions, your body...
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  3. HindeSight #86: Is Collaboration Helpful or Harmful?

    Working with Colleagues: Should You Collaborate or Compete? - HBR IdeaCast Episode 848 Randall Peterson, founding director of the Leadership Institute at London Business School, has been investigating coworker dynamics for years. Through his recent analyses of workplace collaboration, he has gathered that “the idea of head-to-head competition for advancement has gone out of style in favor of a more...
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  4. HindeSight #85: Why is self-care so essential?

    Self-Care in the Workplace: Why It’s Important from Sentry Health This episode of the For Your Benefit podcast from Sentry Health is all about self-care in the workplace - what it means, how to practice it, and how the last few years have altered our perspectives on how to take care of ourselves. Renowned author Jason Lauritsen explains how self-care...
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  5. HindeSight #84: Do you have a mentor?

    Modern Mentor Podcast - How to Achieve Executive Presence in 2022 Executive presence is one's ability to inspire trust, credibility, and poise. But what does that actually mean and how do you achieve it? Modern Mentor shares her favorite framework and some simple action steps you can take to inspire confidence in your leadership capability. Listen now... Mentoring Matters: Three...
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  6. HindeSight #83: Is Purpose More Important than Profit?

    Inside Companies that Get the Purpose-Profit Balance Right Now more than ever, consumers value companies that hold corporate social responsibility in high regard. We look for companies that are purpose-driven and integrate this purpose into every aspect of their organization. Listen to this podcast to learn about some companies that have a great purpose-profit balance. Listen now... The Lines Between...
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    The wait is over and FITAID ENERGY is here! The number 1 post workout recovery beverage in America is now packed with 200mgs of clean caffeine in four bold new flavors. Blackberry Pineapple, Mango Sorbet, Peach Mandarin, and Raspberry Hibiscus are the 4 new flavors that have been added to the FITAID family of beverages!  “This is the evolution of...
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  8. The LIFEAID Team Celebrates Earth Day Everyday!

    The LIFEAID Team Celebrates Earth Day Everyday!
    Earth day, celebrated every year on April 22nd, is a reminder to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems and live a more sustainable life. This year marks the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day. Take a look at what the team members at LIFEAID are in their daily lives to make sure our planet is thriving!  “Putting food in the fridge...
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  9. The Perfect Playlist to Electrify Your Headphones!

    Now that FITAID ENERGY is here, it's only right we share with you the perfect songs to play when you crack open a FITAID ENERGY. From Drake to the Tubeway Army, all these songs will electrify your headphones! So if you need a playlist for all things ENERGY, we got you covered!    Energy - Drake    Orgy - Blue...
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  10. Benefits of L-Glutamine and What It Does For Your Body

    Benefits of L-Glutamine and What It Does For Your Body
    L-glutamine is the most plentiful amino acid found in the human body. This important amino acid is made by the body but during times of heavy exercise of injury, your body may need more L-glutamine than it can produce. Most L-glutamine in your body is stored in the muscles and lungs, where most is made.    So what does L-glutamine...
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