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  1. FITAID Energy® Disrupts So-Called Clean Energy Drink Market

    The naturally sweetened and green-tea caffeinated addition to FITAID Sports Recovery line promises to revolutionize energy drink industry Santa Cruz, Calif., April 12, 2022 - LIFEAID Beverage Company has released a new line of clean performance energy drinks. The FITAID Energy® collection is the long awaited clean-caffeine addition to their original Sports Recovery product, FITAID®, boosted with 200mg of caffeine...
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  2. Top Three Best New Mom Tips (that actually helped)

    Top Three Best New Mom Tips (that actually helped)
    Anyone who has had a baby or has grown their family in some way or another can tell you - motherhood can be TOUGH. While we know it will have its challenges, it really is nothing like what the mom-fluencers on IG have led us to believe motherhood looks like (those sparkling white homes with kids in perfectly clean, wrinkle...
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  3. The LIFEAID Beverage Collection

    The LIFEAID Beverage Collection
    We’re proud to offer a broad assortment of delicious function driven supplement beverage blends for every area of your healthy active lifestyle! Whether you are a diehard fitness fanatic, jet setting world traveler, hardcore adrenaline loving thrill seeker, or business minded entrepreneur, we’ve got you covered!  Here is a description of each of our carefully crafted supplement beverage blends, each...
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  4. How to Recover After a Match of Pickleball

    How to Recover After a Match of Pickleball
    Nobody goes to the court and plays just one match of pickleball. Before you know it, you're 4 or 5 matches in or 15 games deep and you still want to keep playing. Oh, and you want to come back to the court tomorrow because you're having that much fun. Well in order to keep playing at a high level...
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  5. Interview with Pro Pickleball Player Tanner Wallace

    Interview with Pro Pickleball Player Tanner Wallace
    The LIFEAID team sat down with Pro Pickleball player Tanner Wallace and got to know a little more about him and his love for Pickleball.  When and why did you start playing Pickleball? “I started playing pickleball in 2019. I was in Florida on my college spring break with my family. A guy named Adam or better known as Eddie...
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  6. What is Pickleball?

    What is Pickleball?
    Do you know what the fastest growing sport in America is? Have you not heard of Pickleball? Well good thing we can educate you on all things Pickleball. So…what is Pickleball? Have you played tennis, badminton, or table tennis? If you have, then you have basically already played Pickleball. Pickleball is a hybrid sport that combines aspects of all three...
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  7. HindeSight #82: How do you get into Flow State?

    Flow State: The Systems and Tools We Use To Get In The Zone This podcast from The Productivity Show is all about how to maximize your productivity by achieving a state of flow. Learn what different types of resources you can use to get into the flow state, including apps, books, journaling, and soundscapes. Check out this podcast and learn...
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  8. HindeSight #81: Do you have a job you love?

    How I Built This with Guy Raz Guy Raz, host of the How I Built This podcast, sits down with Headspace founders Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson to discover how they created the world’s most popular meditation app. After training as a Buddhist monk for ten years, Andy decided he wanted to spread his knowledge to more people, and partnered with Rich Pierson to...
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  9. LIFEAID The Performance Beverage Company Releases the Perfect Beverage for Pickleball Recovery, PICKLEAID

    LIFEAID The Performance Beverage Company Releases the Perfect Beverage for Pickleball Recovery, PICKLEAID
    Santa Cruz, Calif., April, 1st, 2022 - LIFEAID, The Performance Beverage Company continues to disrupt the market with ground breaking products. Hot off the heels of a record setting ecomm performance of FOCUSAID Watermelon Mint in February; LIFEAID went back into the lab (or to the Pickleball courts) and fermented a recovery beverage for Pickleballing pickle people. PICKLEAID Prickly Pickle...
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  10. Pickleball 101: Lingo, Terms & Phrases

    Pickleball 101: Lingo, Terms & Phrases
    Do you want to get started playing Pickleball but are you not sure what all the lingo, terms, and phrases even mean? Have you heard the word Kitchen on the Pickleball court and had no idea what is being talked about? We got you covered! Take a look and study our Pickleball dictionary so when you get to the Pickleball...
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