1. Butternut Squash, Sausage 'n' Kale Egg Muffins

    Butternut Squash, Sausage 'n' Kale Egg Muffins
    By: Karenia Bowman | As a chef, I’m highly inspired by all-things food. I love all of the seasonal offerings available toward the end of the year and everything butternut squash is no exception. Even though butternut squash is widely available year-round, it is best known as a winter squash. It’s deliciously soft, sweet and nutty, not to mention easy to...
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  2. Five Essential Ways to Cross-Train for Your Yoga Practice

    Five Essential Ways to Cross-Train for Your Yoga Practice
    Professional athletes do not wake up every morning and begin their training session by playing a full game, start to finish, of their specific sport. Rather, they lift weights, practice skill transfer exercises, run sprint drills, do yoga (if they’re smart) and learn the required strategies to help them become better athletes in their sport. So, why do the most...
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  3. Cockiness vs. Confidence

    Cockiness vs. Confidence
    By: Megan Schrader | We all have egos. What affects our ego, how our ego presents itself and when it rears its ugly head will, however, vary from person to person. In the gym, our egos can either result in displays of confidence or cockiness. What often differentiates the two is simply the outward reaction of a person either to their...
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  4. Three Easy Warm-Up Tips for Improved Golf Performance

    Three Easy Warm-Up Tips for Improved Golf Performance
    By: Natalie Schmett | What does "warming up" before a round entail? If you only had five minutes to get to the tee box, what would you do? Most would say, "Hit as many golf balls as possible." However, I disagree. So many players spend time beating golf balls on the range with no intent, which ultimately does nothing to their...
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  5. Sweet Garlic Citrus Marinated Broiled Salmon

    Sweet Garlic Citrus Marinated Broiled Salmon
    By: Karenia Bowman | Salmon is one of my favorite seafood superstars. It’s an excellent source of protein, jam packed full of healthy Omega-3’s, and really good for the heart. Don’t get me started on the taste! Not only is salmon a quick and healthy option, salmon is an absolutely delicious option as well. This time of year, we have a...
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  6. The Hottest Tips for the Best Festival Experience

    The Hottest Tips for the Best Festival Experience
    Festivals are fun! On one hand, festivals often leave us with some of our favorite memories and experiences. But, they can also be a long and grueling few days. After attending my fair share of festivals, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks that will help you have the best possible festival experience. Tip #1: Stay Hydrated I can’t stress this enough...
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  7. The ABCs of LIFEAID Hemp + Wholesale Pricing

    The natural ingredients in LIFEAID HEMP contain balancing adaptogens (lemon balm and rosemary) and hemp extract to help you find your bliss in everyday life. Crack a can anytime you're looking for that perfect zen moment. Proudly brought to you by LIFEAID Beverage Co., your trusted supplement brand since 2011. Discover more about the ingredients in LIFEAID HEMP below. What are...
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  8. Bunker Play ... Get Out!

    Bunker Play ... Get Out!
    By: Natalie Schmett | Oftentimes we hear the horror stories of being stuck in the sand. Most players are extremely afraid to hit in the bunker and even more nervous to get out of it. Now, the dreaded bunker shot can be taken advantage of by following these pro tips! Set-up is key. Nine out of 10 players I see have...
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  9. Thanksgiving

    Gratitude ... and giving thanks are always topical around the holiday season. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to reflect on the multitude of blessings we have in our lives including family, friends, work, health ...  On the flip side, it is much less intuitive to be grateful for the difficult situations and challenging people in our lives in the...
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  10. We Are LIFEAID

    We Are LIFEAID
      September is always one of the nicest months of the year in Northern California. The tourists are gone, the weather is fantastic and it’s hard not to enjoy the bounty NorCal has to offer. The start of Indian summer brings along with it our annual LIFEAID company retreat. This is an incredible opportunity for our entire team to come...
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