1. Benefits of diffusers in my post-workout recovery

    Benefits of diffusers in my post-workout recovery
    What's the deal with diffusers? Why should you consider using diffusers in your post-workout recovery routine? The use of diffusers and essential oils has become increasingly popular in recent years for their various health benefits, including aiding in recovery from physical activity and stress. In this post, we will explore the benefits of using essential oils for recovery and recommend...
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  2. Best recovery sports drink? FITAID Energy by a mile.

    Feeling the burn? (image: Grant Holloway, Olympic Track & Field star drinks FITAID Energy) After a tough workout or athletic competition, it's important to replenish your body's energy stores and repair muscle damage. Sports drinks can be a convenient and effective way to do this, providing a combination of hydration, electrolytes, and nutrients that support recovery and overall health. But...
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  3. Omega-3s in Energy Drinks? Yup, and you need them for Sports Recovery!

    What are Omega-3s and why do we put them in FITAID Energy? Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of essential fat that is important for brain function, heart health, and the immune system. There are three main types: EPA, DHA, and ALA. EPA and DHA are found in fatty fish. ALA is found in plant-based sources and is converted into...
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  4. Why is Stretching Important for Post-Workout Recovery?

    Why is Stretching Important for Post-Workout Recovery? As an athlete or fitness enthusiast, you probably already know the importance of a good workout. Whether you're lifting weights, running, or participating in a team sport, physical activity can help improve your physical health and mental well-being. But what happens after the workout is just as important as the workout itself. Proper...
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  5. Sports Recovery Stretches to Start off 2023

    When was the last time you took 10 minutes to stretch? Even 5? Add in this stretching sequence to your nighttime routine and feel the difference. You can even do it while you're binging your favorite Netflix show (we won’t tell!).  
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  6. You got this! Welcome to 2023 from Team FITAID

     How is Team FITAID staying motivated to kick off 2023? Setting a strong foundation now! Check out their advice on jump-starting your positive routines today. JEVON HOLLAND - NFL Safety, MIAMI What's going on FITAID fam- Jevon Holland here.Miami dolphin safety. I know 2022 is coming to an end and 2023 is just around the corner. But don't let...
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  7. Why do I need to use a foam roller in my post-workout recovery?

    What helps the body recover faster? Have you tried foam rolling and FITAID! Using a foam roller and the right recovery beverage as part of your post-workout recovery routine can be incredibly beneficial for your overall muscle health and performance. Foam rolling, also known as self-myofascial release, is a form of self-massage that helps to release muscle tightness and tension...
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    ROGUE 2022: TEAM FITAID RECAP FROM ROGUE INVITATIONAL The statement “Everything is bigger in Texas” proved to be true as Team FITAID headed down to Austin, Texas to take on the Rogue Invitational. After a weekend of events, 2 #FITAIDAthletes podiumed. Emma Lawson and Jeffrey Adler both placed 3rd in their respective divisions, setting the bar for an exciting 2023! ...
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  9. Easy Ways to Get More Protein in your Diet

    Easy Ways to Get More Protein in your Diet
    Easy Ways to Get More Protein in your Diet As a busy mom of 3 under 3, it can be tricky to hit all my macros every day, ESPECIALLY when it comes to protein. I just wrapped up my first cut postpartum, and while it actually wasn’t as difficult to tackle as I imagined (shout out PLANNING AND MEAL PREP...
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  10. Top 5 Work From Home Exercises

    Top 5 Work From Home Exercises
    Top 5 Work From Home Exercises Working from home has been around for quite a long time in most parts of the world. However, it is gaining popularity and being normalized more than ever now. Moreover, it has proved to bring about several positive changes in people in terms of positivity, creativity, and mental and physical effects. At the same...
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