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  1. 1/2+ of Americans Suffer Workout Hangovers

    1/2+ of Americans Suffer Workout Hangovers
    By Max Knoblauch, SWNS | May 21, 2019 | Click HERE to read the full article in the New York Post. A sizable chunk of Americans are skipping work due to hangovers… from exercise. According to new research, more than one in four active Americans (29%) have skipped out on work due to a workout “hangover” (post-exercise soreness that impedes one’s ability...
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  2. The ABCs of BCAAs

    The ABCs of BCAAs
    You've probably heard of BCAAs or Branched-Chain Amino Acids if you've ever stepped foot in a gym/box or hung around fitness enthusiasts or athletes. But what do BCAAs actually do? Do you really need them? And if so, when should you take them? We're here to help you break down the ABCs of BCAAs! The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are...
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  3. The Dreaded Workout Hangover + Macro-Friendly ZERO

    More Than Half of Americans Have Suffered a Workout Hangover An article published in the New York Post shares new findings and statistics from a recent survey surrounding the negative effects of the dreaded "workout hangover." Read the full article here. . Mindset Reset: Day 1 Join motivational speaker & author Mel Robbins on this 35-day journey as she shares daily...
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  4. LIFEAID Introduces Two New Performance-Driven Products

    LIFEAID Introduces Two New Performance-Driven Products
    Source: PR Newswire  |  News provided by: LIFEAID Beverage Co.  SANTA CRUZ, Calif., May 14, 2019 -- Just in time for summer heat, outdoor activities and inevitable swimsuit season, LIFEAID Beverage Company is launching FITAID ZERO and FITAID RX ZERO. The two new products are based on FITAID & FITAID RX, the LIFEAID brand's signature recovery blends, longtime staples of passionate amateurs and professional...
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  5. The Buttery Bros vs. Sara Sigmundsdottir in Sunny SoCal

    The Buttery Bros vs. Sara Sigmundsdottir in Sunny SoCal
    Last month, the Buttery Bros. (Heber Canon & Marston Sawyers) traveled to sunny southern California to crush some waves & WODs with Brooks Laich and a ready-as-ever, Games-bound Sara Sigmundsdóttir. Check out their photo journal from the weekend below, then watch the Buttery Bros.' full episode below — brought to you by FITAID ZERO, your new zero sugar Recovery Blend, still made with...
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  6. Meet MONK FRUIT: The Sweetest Fruit with Sugar-Free Goodness

    Meet MONK FRUIT: The Sweetest Fruit with Sugar-Free Goodness
      Did you know that monk fruit is naturally 150-200 times sweeter than sugar? "Monk fruit is a small sub-tropical melon that has been cultivated in the remote mountains of Southern China for centuries. According to legend, monk fruit is named after the Buddhist monks who first cultivated the fruit nearly 800 years ago." ."Monk fruit juice is an amazing twenty...
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  7. Developing a Successful Affiliate

    Theoretical Development of a Business In this episode of Chasing Excellence, coach Ben Bergeron breaks down the five keys which have helped shape his success as an affiliate owner at CrossFit New England: Culture, Product, Marketing, Management and Systems. (May 6, 2019 | 67:18) Check out the full episode of Chasing Excellence here. . Nick Massie: Thai Turkey Throwdown Sam Dancer heats things...
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  8. Arnold Schwarzenneger Doesn't Believe in Back-Up Plans

    . The Terminator Disagrees With Having a "Backup Plan" Arnold Schwarzenneger shares his thoughts on why having a backup plan (Plan B) is a bad idea. Watch the video here. . Creating Value in Your Life & Business Brute Strength sits down with Aaron Hinde to talk about risks, following your passion, and starting a successful business. (53:02) Listen to the full...
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  9. Energy Drinks & Veterans With PTSD

    . Study Raises New Concerns Over How Energy Drinks Might Affect Veterans With PTSD  Many veterans have experienced the side effects of high-caffeine energy drinks in order to stay awake during training and combat. Unfortunately, experts are now saying, "Anything over about 400mg of caffeine a day could lead to insomnia, rapid heartbeat and anxiety." Watch the entire NBC News...
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  10. Beach Clean-Up in Honor of Earth Day

    Beach Clean-Up in Honor of Earth Day
    The LIFEAID Beverage Co. staff took to the streets and beaches of their local community in Santa Cruz, California, this past Friday, April 19, in honor of Earth Day. With trash bags and grabbers in hand, the crew walked the 3-mile loop to the beach area from their office headquarters in the Old Wrigley building off Mission Street. Employees brought...
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