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  1. 5 Tips to Enjoy Summer Fun & Stay on Track With Fitness

    5 Tips to Enjoy Summer Fun & Stay on Track With Fitness
    By: Nikki Dagot | June 2019 It’s finally summertime! Many of us wait all year for pool parties, beach days, camping and outdoor fun with family and friends. Personally, I love summer because it’s so easy to get outdoors and find a variety of exercises to help you reach your fitness goals while enjoying the sunshine: a jog along the...
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  2. Overcome Your Personal Weaknesses

    Make Pods Great Again — Ep. 3 with Aaron Hinde Hot on the heels of controversial special guest Greg Glassman, LIFEAID co-founder and president Aaron Hinde sits down to share his perspectives on fitness, health, and obstacles facing the everyday athlete and entrepreneur in Episode 3 of MAKEPODSGREATAGAIN. (50:00) Listen to the full podcast episode here. . Work on Your Weaknesses...
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  3. Sucralose Side Effects: Splenda Consumption Health Hazards

    Sucralose Side Effects: Splenda Consumption Health Hazards
      If you consume products that contain Sucralose, please be warned of its various negative health effects! Common side effects of Sucralose & Splenda consumption include: + Gastrointestinal problems (Sucralose can destroy as much as 50 percent of the microbiome in your gut) + Seizures, dizziness, and migraines + Heart palpitations or fluttering + Blurred vision & allergic reactions + Blood...
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  4. Health Hazards Associated with Splenda/Sucralose

    Midlife Male with Greg Scheinman: Ep. 64 — Aaron Hinde Greg Scheinman, host of the Midlife Male podcast, discusses with LIFEAID co-founder Aaron Hinde what it took to reach success in business over the course of his entrepreneurial journey. (1:03:27) Listen to the full podcast episode here. . Science Review Reveals Laundry List of Health Hazards Associated with Splenda Consumption ...
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  5. BEVNET Gallery: May's New Product Launches

    BEVNET Gallery: May's New Product Launches Staff  May. 31, 2019 at 9:00 am Source: As spring turns to summer, beverage makers from across a range of categories are launching a slate of new products aimed at quenching consumers’ thirst during the hot weeks and months ahead. In this gallery, we highlight a handful of the notable new products introduced to market or announced in the...
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  6. Curiosity, Intelligence, & Effort vs. Struggle

      The Bledsoe Show #120 — Jesse Elder: Curiosity, Intelligence and the Difference Between Effort & Struggle In this episode, host Mike Bledsoe talks with special guest Jesse Elder about unconditional acceptance of self, developing a curiosity mindset, the difference between effort and struggle, obeying the laws of nature, and — the all important question — how many things did you...
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  7. 1/2+ of Americans Suffer Workout Hangovers

    1/2+ of Americans Suffer Workout Hangovers
    By Max Knoblauch, SWNS | May 21, 2019 | Click HERE to read the full article in the New York Post. A sizable chunk of Americans are skipping work due to hangovers… from exercise. According to new research, more than one in four active Americans (29%) have skipped out on work due to a workout “hangover” (post-exercise soreness that impedes one’s ability...
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  8. The ABCs of BCAAs

    The ABCs of BCAAs
    You've probably heard of BCAAs or Branched-Chain Amino Acids if you've ever stepped foot in a gym/box or hung around fitness enthusiasts or athletes. But what do BCAAs actually do? Do you really need them? And if so, when should you take them? We're here to help you break down the ABCs of BCAAs! The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are...
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  9. The Dreaded Workout Hangover + Macro-Friendly ZERO

    More Than Half of Americans Have Suffered a Workout Hangover An article published in the New York Post shares new findings and statistics from a recent survey surrounding the negative effects of the dreaded "workout hangover." Read the full article here. . Mindset Reset: Day 1 Join motivational speaker & author Mel Robbins on this 35-day journey as she shares daily...
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  10. LIFEAID Introduces Two New Performance-Driven Products

    LIFEAID Introduces Two New Performance-Driven Products
    Source: PR Newswire  |  News provided by: LIFEAID Beverage Co.  SANTA CRUZ, Calif., May 14, 2019 -- Just in time for summer heat, outdoor activities and inevitable swimsuit season, LIFEAID Beverage Company is launching FITAID ZERO and FITAID RX ZERO. The two new products are based on FITAID & FITAID RX, the LIFEAID brand's signature recovery blends, longtime staples of passionate amateurs and professional...
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